Tuesday, 30 March 2021

My Shoe Business - Capital :-: 2 of 2

Is it possible to start our shoe business without capital?

Yes, YEs, YES!

Our shoe business requires 45,000/= capital to generate 15,000/= profit, i.e. 33.33% return

We need to sell 50 pairs of shoes with a break even of 25 pairs

How do we raise the 45,000/=?

1. We can save 1,000/= a day for 45 days, and lose 22,500/= profit?

2. We can borrow 45,000/= and reduce our profit by the loan interest, how much interest are we willing to pay?

3. We can partner with other(s) and share our profit based on our shareholding, are we willing to share?

Which is better and how do we pitch our business venture to attract capital?

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